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Default Hola from Mexico

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I am a Northern Californian who has the pleasure of living and working in San Felipe Mexico.

For the last few years, we have used Treos here for managing things like life (contacts, calendar, etc) - we are all Cingular users, most of us on the North America Plan (no roaming charges in North America). I have has a Treo 650 and most recently a Treo 680. The only problem here is the data service, international data charges are crazy expensive, but we have come to accept them as a part of living here. (I also tried a Blackjack for fun, but it didn't even get a week's worth of effort from me - it's horrible, but I thought I would mention it in case there were other's interested)

I recently saw on the Cingular site that they offered an unlimited international data plan, but only for the Blackberry. OK, so I wanted to try this. A friend recently purchased an iPhone and was going to sell his 7290. I asked him to send it to me. I popped my SIM in and was able to place phone calls, in 30 minutes with a quick call to Cingular, I had the data up and running. In a couple hours, I had all my email accounts syncing, contacts, calendar, google talk running. Wow!

As a previous Palm user the easiest thing for me to say goodbye to was having to exit the chat application or loose the email I was composing to answer a phone call. Absolutely brilliant! I spent the whole day yesterday travelling and going to meetings. The 7290 was great. I left at 9am and returned at 11pm. I used the 7290 all day probably 10 phone calls and 4 hours of chatting and read and answered dozens of emails, didn't charge it once. That's absolutely amazing!

The only problem with my 7290 is that the Esc button doesn't work (makes some menus difficult to get out of). I have taken the Blackberry apart to try and fix, but couldn't get it going. Are there any places I can send to have fixed?

There is a lot of talk about the Curve and 8800. A friend (another possibly ex-Treo user) is looking into getting one because of my experience thus far with the Blackberry. Suggestions?

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