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Originally Posted by DaveAnderson View Post
Not sure what they mean with the semi-colon. Doing so simply sends ;ls to the server, which is no good.
The semi is a bad tip, it won't work. The semi is used on the cmdline to separate multiple commands from one another that are normally on new lines (like a for loop). Starting a line with a semi by itself and no command (sic) in front of it will result in a syntax error.

These are the same:

for ii in *.tar.gz; do
  echo $ii
for ii in *.tar.gz; do echo $ii; done;
I frequently use the latter to whip out quick file processing loops on the cmdline without having to resort to a script (I have some serious doozy one-liners ).

I have the same problem with the cap letter -- try using your ! instead, for instance !ls and !exit, as a workaround. If you're just typing a simple one-binary command like ls, cd, etc. it works fine -- it will print the command on the stdout, but it works. (this is not what you're supposed to use the reserved ! for, but any port in a storm!).
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