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This is very frustrating indeed. I have a MacBook Pro, recently got an 8830. I actually got it to tether via BLUETOOTH and connected several times. At one point I was connected to the BB and internet vis BLUETOOTH and then turned may airport on and connected to my printer all at the same time. It was the happiest 10 minutes of my very short BB owning existence. I think I was using the SPRINT PCS VISION modem script. Then there was some sort of provisioning problem where I wasn't getting any data/internet connection on the BB. I got that fixed and now not able to successfully connect with my mac.

Here's something I did notice, and maybe somebody can let me know if it's even relevant. When I go to connect right when it says MODEM MODE ENABLED it changes from 1XEV (all upper case) to 1x (lower case) and then back to 1XEV. It keeps trying to connect and then gives me the Modem Error Occured please verify your settings and try again.

It wouldn't be so bad if I had never connected, then I could chalk it up to the NO MAC SUPPORT, but I did connect and it was glorious.

I'm going to be stuck at Atlanta airport today waiting on a flight. Maybe I"ll call Sprint and see if I can get someone that knows something about anything.

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