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Originally Posted by philbogle
Certainly, I put it up at I tried an OTA download and it worked well.

Can you describe in a little more detail how to add my own game files?
Thanks for hosting it.

Ok to change the game file, you need to open the blackberryZ2me.jar file with winzip(or other zip program), delete the minizork.z3 file and then add then new game file to the jar file.

Then open the blackberryZ2me.jad file in a text editor and find the line
Zfile: minizork.z3

and change that to
Zfile: game.z3

Now im not sure on the max size the blackberry will accept, I know during beta testing they were not able to load a jar file greater then 64k which severly limits most of the game files, there was some mention of an update to the blackberry software/firmware(im not sure which) that the betatester hoped would increase the filesize but Im not sure if it did or not.

Enjoy, download the source and improve it please

Troy Davis (GPF)