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Default Migration

Hi all,

I'm currently ruuning a project pretty much the same deal as mentioned.

This is want I did...

Logged into the new server as the service account created in the ADS for the Blackberry service.
Installed MSDE on the new server and SQL 2000 Enterprise management. And installed Exchange 2003 management tools to get the correct CDO.DLL.

Disabled MSDE on the old server copied BESMgmt.ldf and BESMgmt.mdf to the new server. Opened enterprise Manager and attached the copied database, Opened the "ServerConfig" table and changed the "ServiceName" and "MachineName" to reflex the new server name.

I then disable all BlackBerry services on the old server and diable MCSE on the old server and rebooted.

after the old server was rebooted I double checked the old server to make sure that the services etc will infact disabled.

Back to the new server I installed BlackBerry enterprise server (Typical installation). I pointed to the BESMgmt on the new server (same server as the MSDE server), tested the connectivity to the database which passed, then setup the email instance, check the SRP information was brought accross and test the SRP which passed, tested host connectivity back to BackBerry this also passed.

Opened up BlackBerry manager when connected error free to the database and showed the correct user base etc and that all services were running correctly.

I grabbed my handheld and create a new email, the email was delivered without error. I then attempted to send an email to the handheld, this is where this went wrong, although every thing looked 100% ie all the services etc try as I might I would not get email to a hand held.

At this time I ran out of time to I revirsed the process back to the old server.

Any have any idea's why I might be getting single direction commucation?

Thanks in advance