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Originally Posted by AMCELL J
Well lets be specific, I am trying to access the wap platform and on every imaginable address I try to access I get the following message: "Your plan does not support this feature" anyone had this problem....called the data wireless group and they said to "give it time to fully activate" since it can take up tp 48 hours to all features to kick in...

Now it sounds ot me I am getting the run around....I can access a very limited amount of content but mostly the access is blocked...

Anyone had the same problems? Suggestions?
I had this same problem and it was infuriating. After multiple trips to the store, being told to leave a message and could never talk to a technician, I finally returned the thing and happily paid more for AT&T wirless. I know everybody has a horror story about one provider or another, and T-Mobile for the blackberry is mine. By the end, I was scremaing at the woman over the phone in the middle of the store. I would never, ever do business with T-Mobile after the total runaround for weeks of getting no service.