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Originally Posted by View Post
Hi Any Advice?

I am looking for a top-of-the-range PDA phone for business use.
(within reason, money no object).

I need:
1. Something easier to bang text in at speed (i.e. QUERTY keyboard I
guess), for emails.

2. Good Calendar function
(to synch with Outlook2003/ WinXP)
e.g. Can it show titles of everything I need to do this week in text
on 1 screen?
e.g. Can it transfer category/colour of entries?
e.g. Must synch properly so that I can delete/edit emails on either
my phone OR my PC

3. Web Browser
e.g. Can it *zoom* so able to see whole web pages even though
looking through low res (e.g.320x240) screen.
e.g. able to see dynamic web pages (.aspx etc, not just .html)

4. Also must have the basics:
Must have Blue tooth (for headset/car use),
fit inside fairly small trouser pockets, reasonable battery life.

5. I like: scrollwheels, and touchsensitive screens, and some sort of
scratch protection for the screen (although they seem to have gone
slightly out of fashion). 3G sounds fun but not critical. GPS
to work well enough to be useful. Camera likewise not much use unless
v good...

- any thoughts?

Phones I am considering

HTC Tytn II vs. Backberry 8820 vs. Nokia E90

Yes the HTC Tytn II looks interesting but:

1. It's a bit heavy (at 190g - whereas the Blackberry 8820 is 134g)
2. It's a bit fat (at 1.9cm - whereas the Blackberry 8820 is 1.4cm)
3. It doesnt have separate number keys.

Does anyone know if you can zoom using the browser
(on either of these phones? - iit's just that I imagine viewing
a web page on screens that are quite so low resolution [i.e. 320 x
would be a real pain!

To be hones if I'm going for something that fat and that heavy
I would be tempted to go for the new Nokia E90 Communicator
(210g and 2.0cm thick), which has a clam-shell design and a much
wider internal screen (800x352). I gather it's keyboard may be no
easier to use though despite being much wider in design because
they are rather stiff.

Of course what I dont know is how well the various software
all works in practice! I am committed to using Outlook2003 on my PC
and it would
be nice to be able to synch properly with that (e.g. category/colour
of dairy items being transferred?).

Any thoughts?

Shiperton Henethe

I have been using a Sony Ericsson P910i for a couple of years, but
its synching software was *diabolically* unreliable so I dont want
to go do SE ever again.

Built in camera & GPS would only be of marginal use to me. But I am
UK based, and what I cant quite work out is what networks I will be
to get where I live... Any one know how I can check 3G, GPS, HSDPA[?]
I see you have the BB8800 so the 8820 is the same machine just some extra stuff that not make it deferent.
on my iphone I don't know yet but I get my e mails faster and the way they look it's better then the BB8800,but not secured,
so I am walking with 3 phone in each pocket,
the HTC is a very nice phone I am looking into it too,but will wait for price drop 1st.
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