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Originally Posted by sakman74 View Post
Wirelessly posted (8100: BlackBerry8100/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100)

i think with the proper software u might be able to. When you delete a message, it may still be stored somewhere in the mem or a legacy file or something. i'm not 100% on this with bb's... i know when i was into flexing/flashing my v3x i was seeing sms's that i had deleted in the log
That only works with magnetic media because of the block and cluster system. On a hard drive, when you delete a file it technically isn't really deleted. It is marked as deleted, and the "blocks" previously occupied by it are taken up by new files created. So it is possible to recover a deleted file on a hard drive because technically, it is still there. Im not talking about the Recycle bin BTW ... I don't consider that deleting a file, more moving it to a temporary place before it is deleted.

In lots of other storage forms, it does not work the same way, and the portions of the file are actually deleted. Now, if the BB moved the messages to a temporary place before it is deleted, like the Recycle Bin in Windows, then I can see it as being possible. But it does not.

If you were using BES where the messages go through the server, there may be a way to recover it on the server. But im not sure about that one.
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