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i just got my curve today... and i got a lot of things working on it... and i thought wifi internet was working as well...

everything was there, i was able to connect, and as soon as i did, the words wifi were bolded and the letters UMA would appear.

and when i started to browse, instead of edge, it would say wifi... but the speed was the exact same as edge. no difference from what i could tell.

and i can't seem to find a way to make it switch from internet browser and default browser.

but here is the kicker. i don't know exactly what i did, but now when i'm connect to wifi... the words UMA are not capitalized like it was before... now it's all lowercase letters "uma"... i thought that was strange

so then i started to try and browse and it would say uma when i'm going to the default google in the bookmarks. but if i edit the bookmark and change it from internet browser to wifi, and click on the google bookmark, it says wifi on top instead of uma and it's FAST. and when scrolling around with the trackball, i now see a little cursor to use. and now there are scroll bars present on the right side and bottom
***edit*** i found out the cursor appeared after i was testing some settings and put something on "desktop" from "mobile"... but everything else is still the way i saw it

and yet again another weird twist.

as i was typing this up, i checked my phone, and now it says UMA instead of uma.

and now, when i browse anything, it says wifi on top, and it actually browses at wifi speeds with the cursor. and this is with the browser faults set to internet browser and even the bookmarks set to internet browser.

i am utterly confused but so happy that wifi is working and i don't want it to go away. its finally working and i'm afraid to leave home away from my wireless.

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