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Originally Posted by dyzs
1) Caller groups/specific rings for groups of callers?
There is no option for this. I would definitely like to have distinctive rings on my 7290 along with voice dialing and ringtone support along the lines of the 7100 series. However, those aren't really dealbreaking features, IMO.

Originally Posted by dyzs
2) Is there a way to menu wrap around instead of going back to top? this can be annoying on long menus.
No, but in time you'll learn when it's noth worthwhile to scroll to the bottom of the menu. ;)

Originally Posted by dyzs
Why does T-Mobile require the extra $10 option for BES? What is different in provisioning with their regular plan from others (which allow BES) for example that would make BES not work without this option added?
I imagine they charge this because they can (see if you can get a better deal from another US carrier on data). You definitely won't be able to access a BES server unless you sign up for Blackberry service with BES access from T-Mobile. I think at one time there might have been a hole but they have definitely tightened things down.

Originally Posted by dyzs
Other than speakerphone, input method (if preferred), formfactor is there any reason to go with 7100? What is the browser difference between the 7100 and 7290 other than longer vs wider display?
It's all personal preference. Please use the search feature as this has been covered to death. I will say that the 7100's screen is sharper although it's unreadable in sunlight and has only one backlight brightness level. You've answered the browser difference question yourself.

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