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Wow... signup here and make one post denouncing your blackberry.

How about sending group email as opposed to text messages?

What upgradability would you like? It's a business class device built with security in mind. If removable storage and such is more important than the security, maybe the US gov't would all have Treo's... oh, but if they drop it... ahhh nevermind.

I can view attachments from office on my handheld, can't you? If I want office support to the point where I can edit documents, I think I would consider that a job for my laptop.

The colour screens are not the best, but keep this in mind... RIM is slow to come out with flashy colour screens and superfast devices because of 1 thing and 1 thing alone. Power Consumption. I get 4 days of normal use, being 200-250 emails in, 100 emails out and 1/2 hour of voice per day on my 7290. I get about a week of battery under the same circumstances with my 6280.

There are definately some software upgrades that would be nice, but not enough to throw the handheld away. Maybe defaulting the messages app to a specific folder or things like that. Personally I like to see everything all in 1 place. The icons let me sort out what type of message it is.

More power to you if you want to change... Just don't drop your new device.