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Originally Posted by John Clark View Post
Lying to the WSJ....that's quite professional attorney-like.

How is adding a 4GB SD card a mod? I agree with the above. The only "mod" here is the sharpie to the trackball and keyboard lights (a nice mod, admittedly.) The rest is nothing special. I have a 4GB card. I have a clear Seidio case and extended battery. I'm not bragging to the WSJ about "modding" my BB.
Am I permitted to respond to being accused herein of being an unprofessional attorney and a liar, without getting banned or to have this thread deleted.

It was the WSJ who sought me out. It was the reporter who called me.

I was not "bragging to the WSJ." All I did was answer the reporter's questions. I don't see how that is bragging.

The article will be geared toward the non-geek who do not know the difference or fine distinctions between words like "mod," "install," "insert," or "applied." It's the reporter who chose the word for the article title, not me [something like "Modding Blackberries].

For those of you who do not know how interviews work, generally it's the reporter who decides what to write about and how to say it. Sure, could have said "It's not modding, it's more 'customizing' or 'accessorizing.'" But I assure you, reporters don't let people stray much from what they decide to say and how to say it.

And we did NOT talk about everything [the alleged "mods"] I posted in the pics, I mentioned only that the Curve trackball color could not be changed via a program [like the Pearl].

I was not lying to the WSJ nor being an unprofessional attorney because:

I did NOT tell the reporter about the Seidio extended battery I had been using with the Pearl and was now able to use in the Curve [after ripping out the foam on the Curve's back cover];

I did NOT say anything about the lanyard that I found a way to attach;

I did NOT say anything about the theme;

I did NOT say anything about the plastic case;

I did NOT say anything about the notifier LED;

I did NOT say anything about the Best Skins Ever;

I did mention that the Curve can use a 4GB chip, something the reporter did not know. We talked about how that competes with the 4GB iPhone.

It was WSJ that used the word "mod."

I do believe that many members in here and on the Net use the word "mod" to describe add-ons, etc. I think there are even some BBF threads that are titled "mods" and discuss things I described in the pics [which were not labeled as mods].

Moreover, I saw Curve posts asking about batteries, 4GB chips, skins, cases, trackballs and lanyards. In fact some members have asked me about some of these mods via mail. So I thought my pics addressed many of those "mod" issues.

And query, what word would one use to describe a unique modification or add-on?

In any event, I don't get being publicly accused [on the Internet] of being a liar and an unprofessional attorney. The fact is, the reporter asked my profession [as most reporters do when interviewing] and she will be printing that information.

I am chagrined that BBF members, my colleagues, judges, the reporter and readers of the WSJ have seen someone in a BBF position of authority accusing me of being an unprofessional attorney and a liar. All I have of value is my reputation.

I guess if I am guilty of anything it was adding the letter "S" to the word "Mod" in the title of my thread. That does not make me unprofessional or a liar. [I don't think I mentioned that I was an attorney, so not sure why that information was included when labeling me unprofessional and a liar.]

Sidenote: I would think that BBF would have appreciated the plug I gave to the WSJ. Apparently BBF is flush with cash and does not want a mention in the WSJ, nor ever mention "as mentioned in the WSJ" to prospective advertisers. No, better to focus on defaming the despised messenger [aka a lying and unprofessional attorney].
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