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Glad to know your BlackBerry still works even though it was submerged in the pool for 4 to 5 minutes! With the battery still attached, I bet... (I assume you removed the battery almost right away, and did the fully disassembled 170-degree bake relatively soon after exposure to water)

Personally, I'd rinse the BlackBerry motherboard (after screen removed) in distilled water first before baking, due to the chlorine (or even filtered tap water in a pinch if distilled wasn't available: I go by "rinse a worse evil liquid away with a lesser evil liquid" scheme of thinking -- That's what I did for my BlackBerry motherboard, anyway)....

However, the chlorine is relatively diluted in pool water that it wasn't likely to do much damage that quickly anyway, you probably commenced the disassembled drying quickly enough before the chlorine damage was done... (Just a note for anyone who may wish to attempt resusication of a water-damaged electronic gadget)

To others: If other posters end up finding this article, don't forget to read the water-rescue instructions first, as well as my other post. It is important that correct procedure is followed (most particularly quick action for maximal chances, and odds are usually improved if you remove battery ASAP and resist the temptation to test the device)
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