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Default Another Synch/Reconciliation GroupWise Thread

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I have read through many of the threads and still cannot find an answer to my issues. First of all, I am not the GW administrator, but I do administer the BES. We are running GW 7.x. The GW client on the BES is 7.0.2 Build 561. Blackberry Manager is showing version

We just installed this server and received a couple of BlackBerries to test. I have been able to activate the device and send receive e-mail and appointments. I have an address book called BlackBerry that should synch with the device. This address book has a few test contacts that are from the GW system. I added a few of my own. The BlackBerry can only find the ones that were already in the system, not the ones I created. I have created some contacts on the BlackBerry, but they never show up in my GW address book. Synchronizing seems to be working only one way, and even then, it is not getting everything. I understand the 4 hour rule, but also read a couple of times that contacts created on the BlackBerry should synch to the GW address book much sooner than that.

Reconciliation does not seem to work in regards to messaging. If I delete a message on the BlackBerry, it does not delete in GW. I have tried the "Reconcile Now" option, but that does not work either. Wireless message Reconciliation is enabled. Appointments and tasks deleted from the BlackBerry, also delete from GW.

Please help, I have been struggling to get this thing working for a couple of weeks already, and I seem to be almost there...

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