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1) I would like to avoid setting it up on the same exchange server and was wondering if we can install BES Express running in our office and connect to exchange server running in datacenter via vpn tunnel ?
I'd recommend doing exactly this ... give BES its own operating system with no Domain Controller or Exchange server on it.

2) If the above will create issues, can I install vmware player on the exchange server which is a DC and run the BES Express Server via vmware?
RIM supports ESX 2.5.2 ... that said, it works on Microsoft Virtual server and other virtual platforms. Pretty much if the virtualization application supports the OS that the BES is running on ... it'll work. It won't be supported by RIM, but it'll work.

3) Or for the current scenario installing on the exchange server is the only option ?

4) If BES express is installed in office and exchange in datacenter, in which firewall do i need to open the port 3101? in datacenter or our office ?
Port 3101 Outbound initiated from BES to RIMs network.

5) How will BES Express work via an smart host or email security appliance - what would be the actual flow of email - as I want all the emails to come and go via the email security appliance i.e. in either situations ie if BES is running in our office or if its running in datacenter ?
Previously answered. BES is a middle-ware application. It simply injects mail into Exchange and sucks out mail to deliver to HHs; it is not a mail delivery agent.

Pls let me know.

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