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So I need not open any port in the datacenter where exchange server is and I need to open outgoing port only in our office firewall where the BES server is residing.

So by doing this the blackberry users can send and receive emails or its one way ?
As long as there isn't stopping BES <-> Exchange / SQL / AD communication and port 3101 to RIM; correct.

I am a bit confused here as to I just wanted to know how exactly the flow of email would be when blackbery is in place i.e. below scenario

Datacenter firewall-> Spam filter appliance ->Exchange Server ->VPN Tunnel <->Office Firewall ->BES Express Server->Outgoing port 3101

How exactly will the blackberry device interact with RIM's network via the above setup to send and receive emails ?
See the document attached to this post for how message flow works with BES. All routing from BES to / from Exchange is done via MAPI.

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