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Whoohoo my users are all better now......

Here is just a rundown of what we did, if you have any questions about what RIM walked me through please let me know and I can go a bit deeper than what I am about to list off. Also please keep in mind that what worked for us may not work for you.

First off - Our BES service account was verified to have proper rights and CDO was not an issue either, if you are having this issue please read the entire thread to see what we had done before the steps I am about to list off. The BES had no other issues other than not being able to

1. We created a new BES Service account.
2. Set up all of its permissions in exchange.
3. Added new BES Service account as local admin on the server.
4. While still logged in as the old service account we then exported HKEY_USERS->Software->RIM to C:\
4. After logging in as that new service account we then stopped all the BES services and set their permissions to utilize the service account.
5. Imported the REG keys that we exported from the other account.
5. Setup the MAPI profile using the MAPI profile tool then a quick reboot.
6. Verified all services and opened BES Mgr to check the status of the server --- All Green at this point.
7. Verified that the calendar is now running just as it did prior to the outage.

The Senior RIM tech stated that they have seen some versions of CDO corrupt the service account mailbox. He stated that if you were to look at the account from an exchange perspective it would look fine, with the correct permissions and that the exchange box would act just like an exchange box should.....but its CDO calls to exchange were corrupt and it could not talk with the BES correctly. Our Nextel BB Rep also stated that what ever really happened about a week prior to the RIM outtages we saw nationwide, that this issue has become a larger problem. He also stated that there were multiple RIM outtages over the past two weeks, not just the big one that hit everyone.

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