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Default custom shortcuts

I found the answer in another thread and thought I would post it here in case anyone else had this issue.

BTW, this info below was great - and can really make moving around in "messages" very I can switch beteen email accounts and subfolders with ease as I have added my own shortcuts.

Here's the post I found....

These keys are actually shortcuts to pre-saved Searches... I'm guessing that in your case these may have gotten cleared out somehow.

You can either try restoring the "Searches" database from a Desktop Manager backup, if you have it available in an earlier version, or simply re-create the searches manually.

To recreate them manually, perform the following steps:

1. In your message list, select "Search" from the menu
2. Enter the search criteria (see below)
3. Select "Save" from the menu (ie, press the scroll wheel, and select "Save")
4. Name the search to whatever name you wish
5. Select the shortcut key that you wish to use (ie, I, O, P, S, V, etc)
6. Select "Save" from the menu

The criteria for the pre-defined searches are as follows:

Name: Received Items
Shortcut Key: I
Show: Received Only
Type: All

Name: Sent Items
Shortcut Key: O
Show: Sent Only
Type: All

Name: Phone Logs
Shortcut Key: P
Show: Sent and Received
Type: Phone

Name: SMS Messages
Shortcut Key: S
Show: Sent and Received
Type: SMS

Name: Voicemail Messages
Shortcut Key: V
Show: Sent and Received
Type: Voicemail

Obviously, you can also define whatever custom searches that you may like and map them to your own shortcut keys (or any of the keys above, for that matter).
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