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Greetings all!
Greetings, salutations,and YO!

Little background here on my existing BES.
Always a good thing ... I'm feeling spunky this afternoon so I'll reply to everything you've listed ... even if it is a bit off topic and I get on a rant about bananas or beer on a Friday afternoon while working

Inherited a single standalone from a pervious admin (aren't we all so lucky! )
At least you've got BES now! It rules!

This box has been upgraded and tinkered with since stoneages like version 2x.
In fact that would be prior to the stoneages ... you're prehistoric.

Current Version is: MSDE: 2000.86.1830.0
Database Name: BESMgmt

Last upgrade attempt prior to me inheriting it was moving the server from to 4.1.4. This failed and was restored from backup. Second attempted failed and again restored.
That is odd. 4.1 upgrades should really have no problem going to 4.1.4.

The box is currently having lots of problems with the OS and Blackberry.
Having to restart BB services or the server 2-3 times a day
Reinstalling the BES Mgr 4.1 on a laptop/desktop generates a error when trying to connect to it to the old server database. The error basically states that I need to upgrade to the latest version of the BES Mgr software. Downloaded the current version on Blackberry/RIM website. I got the Same error. Tried several different version. Users that already have the software installed are not affected. Just if we have to reinstall we can't.
Well ... you need to run the same version of BB Manager that your BES is running. Different versions (or service packs) running together aren't supported / won't work. If you're downloading 4.1.4 and running it against 4.1 that would be an issue.

So time to get rid of this old dog!
NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Just teach it some new tricks

Plan A
First I built a second blackberry server up to to match the existing one. Then attempted to link them together so I could just migrate the users over to the new server.

But no matter what I tried I couldn't get them to see each other or link the new server to the old server database. When I attempted to connect to the old BES database I would get error stating that the Database was a PRE 4.0 database?

How can the database be Pre 4.0 when it was upgraded to 4.1?
Is there a way around this just to get the users to the new server?
A reasonable plan. You got a new SRP key I take it? Connecting to the MSDE database remotely can be tricky ... did you configure proper network access on the MSDE server? A phased migration.

Plan B
Build a second blackberry server up to the latest version. And pray there is a utility or some way to migrate all 550 worldwide users to the new server without having to reactivate every blackberry?
Ahhh, a knife edge. (or spork edge if you're feeling sassy)

I'm going to recommend you go with plan C. Since you inherited this and you really don't know exactly what is going on (and not to be mean, but you don't appear to have a heck of a lot experience with BES ... not to worry, the more you play the more you'll learn) ... I would break down and call RIM for support during the upgrade.

Check the forums here for phased migration and knife edge ... also check out BlackBerry Technical Solution Center for the knowledgebase articles. Then with some specific questions we can help out here and address each point one at a time.

Good luck!
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