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Originally Posted by thr61 View Post
Thanks for your thoughts on this. It is very helpful to get the perspective of someone who does GTD.

I am interested in hearing more about your GTD implementation -- I also use the latest version of NextAction and like it a great deal (I too ignore the projects feature.) Since you seem to only use Entourage for mail, contacts and calendar, how to you integrate mail with tasks? It sounds like you use iGTD for tasks and so I would be interested in hearing how tightly you can connect these systems? for example, do you have to manually make an @waiting for or and @computer out of an email or can you do some sort of drag and drop?

Also, how are you getting your tasks from iGTD into NextAction? Do they integrate?

Finally, why don't you use the Entourage Tasks and Notes?


Hi Tim,

As you surmise, the integration is not that tight. Here is what I do: let's say I have an e-mail that I want to create an @waitingfor from, I select the text in the message and select Put to iGTD inbox from the Entourage/Services menu. iGTD installs this service. There is also a hotkey you can press to do this.

To sync iGTD tasks to my BB I click the Sync button in the iGTD toolbar and then sync my BB. This means that tasks go: iGTD-->iCal-->Missing Sync-->BB. This seems to work ok for me.

I don't use the Entourage Tasks and Notes for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I find that iGTD is better from a GTD standpoint as it's designed for this from the ground up. Secondly, if I did use Tasks in Entourage they still wouldn't sync to my Exchange server so there isn't much benefit. As far as notes go, I just liked the Mark/Space notebook app better than Entourage.

I must say that I would love for projects to be carried over to the projects function in NextAction! It might be that some other Mac GTD can do this, so if anyone knows of one, let us know!

One final thing:'s FAQ states that iGTD is not fully compatible with Leopard yet, but I haven't been able to see exactly what the problem is.

Hope this helps.

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