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More new additions to FAQ made:
  • Q: I have a "Data Connection Refused" message on my BlackBerry.
    A: Ignore this message - this is only for BlackBerry server (BIS). Opera Mini and other third party applications should still work, even when you see this message. Some people report this message dissappears after several hours.
  • Q: You say BlackBerry Browser should not work. But I heard some people have BlackBerry Browser working on a generic data plan?
    A: The reports are inconsistent, and depends on the carrier. According to a few reports by Rogers Canada users, the Rogers VISION data plan actually enables the WAP browsing feature on a BlackBerry, but there actually ends up being some rather severe prerequisites on Rogers Canada, for example:
    - You need to switch to a VISION data plan instead of Navigate data plan, and VISION plans have a 3-year committment;
    - You need a recent BlackBerry such as Pearl or Curve;
    - You need a recent compatible BlackBerry operating system such as T-Mobile OS (if you install T-Mobile BlackBerry OS on a Rogers BlackBerry, don't forget to delete the VENDOR.XML file and relaunch BlackBerry Desktop.)
    - You can only do WAP browsing, not HTML browsing.
    The main advantage of using BlackBerry WAP Browser, is WAP access and the ability to download third party software wirelessly, which is the easiest way to install third party software on a BlackBerry. Opera Mini should be used for full HTML browsing.
  • Q: My Google Maps works but my IM+ or JiveTalk chat software do not work!
    A: This is usually because it's trying to login through the BlackBerry network instead of through generic Internet data (TCP/IP through the APN). You need to configure your software's Settings to connect to the Internet using "TCP/IP" instead of "BIS". Instructions on how to configure third party software, can vary from program to program. In JiveTalk, this means go into "Preferences", scroll to bottom, and changing the "Transport" setting to "TCP" instead of "BIS". The BIS connection only works when you are subscribed to full BlackBerry service, so you must make sure the third party software are using generic TCP/IP instead.
  • Q: I downgraded my BlackBerry plan to a non-BlackBerry plan. My 3rd party apps stopped working!
    There are many reasons why this may be happening. Here is a checklist:
    - Verify that you really do have a generic data plan on your account.
    - Your carrier is replacing certain generic data plans. For example, the Rogers Navigate data plan is being superseded by the Rogers VISION plan. Verify that your carrier didn't remove a discontinued data plan from your account.
    - Make sure you have a lowercase "edge" / "gprs" displayed near your reception bars in the main BlackBerry screen, and you have good reception.
    - Make sure you are running BlackBerry OS 4.1 or later (Options -> About)
    - Make sure your APN is configured properly. (Options -> Advanced -> TCP -> APN)
    - Ignore the "Data Connection Refused" message.
    - Verify your software (IM+ / JiveTalk) is configured to "TCP/IP" instead of "BIS"
    - Reinstall your third party software (i.e. Opera Mini) if reconfiguring its Internet connection does not work.
    - Not all third party software function with generic data (i.e. RIM Google Talk won't work), replace with compatible software (i.e. replace RIM Google Talk with JiveTalk instead).
    - Reboot your BlackBerry after changing plans and reconfiguring settings. (Remove and reinsert battery after saving new settings)
    - Use Opera Mini instead of BlackBerry Browser.
    - If all else fails, upgrade your BlackBerry to the latest OS version by another carrier such as T-Mobile (some people report T-Mobile BlackBerry operating systems work much better with generic data)