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Sorry, people, it was just one more bug in the phone firmware.

The card reformatted by the phone showed me 1.6 GB of available space. The same card reformatted in my laptop got almost 6 GB available. The phone recognized this card after it was reformatted and started working with it reading and copying the data. Although pretty slowly and I got the card back out from the phone, inserted into card reader and started copying the media files on the card again. The sad thing is that the phone works extremely slowly with the cards comparing to the card reader, the difference is over 15-17 times. So to copy a simple 6 GB card... on 560 kb/sec takes forever.

Anyway, it's time to change the FAQ , I confirm that this phone already supports 6 GB MicroSDHC cards from SanDisk if the card is reformatted with computer. The preformatted card was not recognized by the phone.

The tests go on... Maybe this solution still has some traps...

A new info. I copied about 5+ GB from my laptop to this card using card reader and inserted it into the phone - same results - can't recognize the card. What's going on? Does this phone really support any MIcroSDHC cards or not? There are many publications on the Internet telling that Pearl supports MicroSDHC cards. There is also a link right on SanDisk web site telling that Pearl supports at least 4 GB cards. I'm sure they tested that before published these results.

SanDisk Product Compatibility
SanDisk | Compatibility | Device List

4GB memory card for Blackberry 8100 Pearl/8300 Curve

Supports up to 4GB MicroSD Note: 4GB microSDHC chip requires May 2007 or later OS.
BlackBerry Pearl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

\>May I put a 4GB Micro card to the blackberry pearl?
\>you can, but it needs to be running sw version at least.
May I put a 4GB Micro card to the blackberry pearl? - Smartphone / PDA Talk - Mobiledia

Our 8100 Pearl memory cards are fully compatible with the Blackberry 8100 Pearl up to 4GB micro SD. Take advantage of our 8100 Pearl accessories, available at a discount with your memory purchase.
8100 Pearl memory cards : micro SD cards for Blackberry 8100 Pearl

\>I just got a 4 gig sandisk and it works great. My T mobile Pearl says I have 3.7 gigs
\>yes the sandisk will work in your phone i have at&t and the same os it sees the 4gig card just fine didnt have to even format it either. it will see 3.75 gig hope this help

So it looks like we're having at least some kind of miscommunication, or different providers have different support for the same phone, or the phones are different! RIM keeps silence redirecting me to the provider.

To be continued...

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