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hola, and welcome to BBF.

I think the main problem you're going to face here is that few people use Xandros around these parts (honestly I know of very few anywhere in my travels) which is going to severely limit anyone's ability to help you out. I've personally never installed it or worked with "bottles" (I'm assuming that's a package format?) to know anything.

Unfortunately different distros do things their own way, which can be frustrating. I myself first installed Ubuntu (I'm a long time Fedora user) this past week and was immediately slapped in the face by two very, very non-standard changes (*) they made to "the linux way" that no only threw me for a curve, but made me think twice about ever using it. The point being since I don't know Xandros I'm not sure what tomfoolery they've done under the hood which could cause you problems.

(*) the removal of traditional sysvinit in favor of upstart (so no /etc/inittab, wtf?) and the use of these nasty UUIDs in /etc/fstab. what were you people thinking, how many ways can you confuse linux users with non-standard changes to core functionality that's been in UNIX/linux for over a decade or two?
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