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Originally Posted by churchie View Post
We want to test BES with a single device using the 'free' BES Express server, which we have downloaded and ready to install complete with requisite license keys.

The initial test install is planned to take place on the target box that will be used for the full roll out. If it works to our satisfaction we plan to remove the Express edition completely and license a full version with about 20 users.

The question is this - how easy is it to remove the test BES completely from the server before installing the real thing?
Why - it's much easier to unlock the BES from Express to the full solution and then just use that - no need to waster time uninstalling / re-installing, and if you've deployed the test device to an end-user you'll be in trouble for turning them off.

This licensing thread provides more details on how this is achieved.

BES Licensing Thread

Originally Posted by churchie View Post
Another related question is whether it is common practice to have a 'test' server set up on a perm. basis for testing/experimentation.
It's reasonably common, but in my experience guess not many customers with that number of devices would bother. Most customers with upwards of 150-200 are more interested in test labs. Obviously with VMware based solutions then it's easier to test and roll-back if required.

Originally Posted by churchie View Post
Would the Express edition meet this need?
Yes it would but remember that

A) You can NEVER have 2 BES's running with the same SRP ID & Auth Code (so if you go down the route of upgrading as I've outlined above, get a new express BES SRP ID for the text box)

B) Express is limited to 1 user, unless you buy more so no that effective for testing different handsets (for example)
LOTS of answers here: Main Page - BlackBerryFAQ
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