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Originally Posted by Dmitri Shvetsov View Post
Well, I had enough time to play with partitions and got some results. Btw, it's posible to use some Linux based CDs like RescueCD to partition the MicroSDHC cards.

I'm not sure what all these guys were writing about as well as Wikipedia which has some wrong assumptions about existing IrDA support in the Pearl
BlackBerry Pearl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, this is not correct. The card even if it's partitioned to 4 GB or a little bit less is not working with my Pearl. That's strange, but it's truth. The card can be easily recognized, I got some positive results even with 6 GB card, the phone shows the size, but realistically when I tried to copy the data to the media card the process stops at about 2 GB limit. Firmware limits, nothing else. The Firmware is the latest offering by T-Mobile USA, I'm up to date, it's not a problem, although I guess T-Mobile walks behind other providers here and I have already seen a newer build on the Internet. Cingular and some providers in Europe offer Blackberry Pearl 8100 supporting up to 4 GB MicroSDHC cards. T-Mobile USA is not aware of that at all, I wrote a question to their support and it looked like I opened their eyes with these 4 GB cards. I have no choice just to wait. Although it's probably possible to get some latest firmware from the Internet and use it with the risk to get a problem with my current provider.
You won't have a problem from your current provider. The providers don't care what version you're running. ALL software comes from RIM, not the carriers. In fact, one time I was talking to T-Mobile customer service and they recommended that I download the version that Cingular was putting out at the time.

If you talk to John Clark here on the forum, he is running a 4gb card with a T-mobile 8100 just fine.
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