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Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
Keep in mind that it isn't a good idea to use the blackberry/carrier email address.

First of all, it is unfiltered which means you will likely get more spam that you want once the address gets out there.

Second, it can ONLY be viewed on the BB. If email goes down, so does that address. Email cannot be retrieved to that account once it is lost, deleted, etc.

And 3rd, you do not own or control that address. Your carrier can decide to change it at any time, a la Cingular going to ATT. If you leave Verizon, you can't take that address with you. It just goes away into the ether world. I personally do like to use an email address that I do not control/own.

Just my five cents worth.
I really do not see the purpose in the carrier email address other than to test the functioning of my device. Especially with the demise of the BWC.
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