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"Average User" with my first BB reporting here: FWIW, I didn't have to do it myself -at least not by myself. I called someone (at either BB or T-M) to activate my phone when I purchased it at the end of March and I asked the person to walk me through the 4.0 update ( )-which I had heard about from all the fine people on this forum . I think he asked me to call from my home landline, but in any event, it went smoothly. He was patient and stayed until the last step which I think took a while. He asked me some questions qbout what I was seeing and he said he was confident it had worked, but to just call back if I had any problems. Maybe it's only at the purchase and activation point that they help(ed), or maybe it was when 4.0 was newer? Anyway, things have worked quite smoothly -this is the stablest device I've ever owned- and I haven't had any need to call back since. I would have gone to the local T-M store if that guy hadn't helped me. They're always very helpful and by now I know who to ask there. There are 2 or 3 people that have been there since I switched to T-M almost 3 years ago and they're part of what has kept me with them out of contract for 2 years. The other part is that the competition out there has been so boring -almost as boring as at T-M itself.

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