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Originally Posted by corey@12mile
Do you have something that automatically cooks for you 3 times a day, every day? How about cleaning your house? or doing you laundry? I have a bit of a life too, but I still have time to maintain my stuff... I do my own oil changes too. I fix my own house, cut my own grass.

For the amount of handheld updates, maybe once a year, what's the big deal? There is nothing forcing you to update your handheld firmware.

I don't think of myself as a baby. I don't think I need everything spoonfed to me. I think I can take care of most things myself. Maybe that is why I answer peoples questions on here instead of ***** about things I don't like or am too lazy to do.

cd, not to flame war with you but no, i'm not a "blackberry encyclopedia" as you term yourself. you seem to enjoy technology and answering folks' questions about it. i'm sure it's appreciated. but i don't change my own oil or cut my own grass. and when I buy a "plug and play" phone, as it were, i expect it to work and not require my own time installing an update two months later to fix bugs. yes, if it were billed as a "Phone for Experienced BlackBerry users" or as a phone wherein Enterprise tech people would handle all updates, fine. but the 7100 is billed as a phone for EVERYDAY users. that's my problem. i'm not lazy. you're reading more into what i wrote and generalizing way too much about the rest of my life.

In your earlier post you wrote:
"Being that RIM has only recently put something on the market for the 'ordinary user', I'd expect something to come along at somepoint." That's an extremely intelligent statement and I hope you're right.
Bill Felty