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My blackberry is mine along not my works, I have a life (a very busy one at that) and I can take the time to update my blackberry. It is not difficult, if you find pluggin in your phone and installing software is difficult then maybe you need a nokia 5190 phone. I hear they are great and guess what no updates are required.

The steps that jibi wrote down and straight and to the point. My wife can update her phone and she is not even tech savy. My 10 month son could prolly do it also.

I dont see what is so difficult or time consuming. I know you spend more than an hour of time at your computer at any given time in the day. How hard is it to multitask and do an update?

If you want a phone that updates over the air and does it automactically then buy a sidekick II. They are pretty easy to operate and does not take any downloading on your part to do an update. You just cant use your phone for over an hour since they are doing it for you over the air automactically.

I still dont understand how hard and time consuming this is? Even without instructions I find it pretty easy.

Also speaking of not changing your oil or mowing your own lawm more power to you guy!! I know how to do all the above cause it is something I wanted to learn and say I know how to do instead of having to rely on somebody else to do it.

I dont want somebody to cook my own meals, wash me, clean my house, pay my bills, do my taxes, tell me what I can and cant watch on tv, change my cd for me, and update my phone cause I either find it difficult or use the I have a life attitude.

This is not a bash this is simple statement made due to the replies I seen in this thread. I just dont understand the lazy attitude about updating a phone and hiding behind the it is just to hard to do. if they made it any easier the thing will reply to your emails for you and also tell you how your soda taste so you dont have to even worry about picking it up to drink it.
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