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Originally Posted by theatreguy
cd, not to flame war with you but no, i'm not a "blackberry encyclopedia" as you term yourself.
that is a level-based nametag that was set by the administrators of this forum; corey did not put that himself (same goes for me).

Originally Posted by theatreguy
i don't change my own oil or cut my own grass.
i would never dream of doing either. i don't even wash my own clothes or cook for myself. i was brought up in a household where i never had to do anything for myself, as i always had some sort of staff member to do those things for me. unforunately, i never learned how to do anything, so i pay people to do things for me (with cooking, i simply eat out or eat sandwiches).

but using all of these as analogies leads us to think that one would pay someone to update their phone for them. they'd still be without their phone (just as you are without your clothes for washing or your car during an oil change).

Originally Posted by theatreguy
when I buy a "plug and play" phone, as it were, i expect it to work and not require my own time installing an update two months later to fix bugs.
smartphones are going to have bugs, and they are going to have issues that need to be fixed. this is a reality that should have been found during researching prior to making a purchase for a new toy (i'm sure you look at gas mileage prior to purchasing a car, correct?). during the old days of Nokia or Motorola phones, if there was a software issue with the phone, it simply never got updated and you had to deal with it (or you had to take your phone into the store to have its ROM flashed with an update for the issue, assuming there would have ever been one made). That is available with most vendors, if you'd prefer them do it rather than you, although I would think that the 'too busy' aspect of your lives would play a part in that (but hey, you can get your oil changed in the car).

Originally Posted by theatreguy
In your earlier post you wrote:
"Being that RIM has only recently put something on the market for the 'ordinary user', I'd expect something to come along at somepoint." That's an extremely intelligent statement and I hope you're right.
Until RIM increase the built-in memory (or allow for SD memory slots) -and- until the various provider rollouts of EDGE, EVDO or some 3G/4G networks are available, then you will be spending more time downloading a 15-18MB update to your phone than it would take to even THINK about updating it manually. I would say that this is atleast 1 year off from being a glimpse of reality (and around 2 years to be more realistic), imo.
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