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Originally Posted by arconsulting
The default IT policies don't allow split-pipe connections. To enable, you will need to convince the BES admin to change the IT policy (not likely).

The good news is that if MDS is enabled on the BES, you can just use that to connect to the outside world and skip the WAP gateway.
Oh, sure, but we're selling this stuff to customers, so I doubt they'll want to change their IT policy like that. The other selling point of our app was that it could work with or without BES, so we needed the option in there for WAP Gateway. Sure, 99% of the time, they'll have a BES with MDS, so more often than not, it will be turned off, but I can't remove the feature.
Of course, our customer's end-users will see the check box in the options panel and enable it for whatever reason ("OOOH! A big shiny checkbox! I'll enable it, because I know better than the guy who branded this application!!!")... which is just great. I don't want to have to tell the customer's that the device will have to be virtually reformatted (which isn't so scary, but people will freak anyways). Gagh. I guess there isn't an easy work around then.