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Default I'm going to assume you're already char-broiled...

I'm going to assume you're already char-broiled from other respondant's flames... Still, this feels like you cross posted it to evey forum you could imagine, so I'll also assume you're ignorant and/or desperate. (Nothing personal, I'm usually the first and often the second)

Originally Posted by JCB
I have a small program... The program is 1.24 MB and 604 k zipped.
This is a little like saying "My friend lent me their car. It is red. Can anyone tell me where the gas cap is?"

So, what operating system? A *ix? (Linux/BSD/MacX/...)? Mac9? Win2k/XP? Win9x? MVS?

You said your client wrote it... In Java? C? C++? Delphi? COOL:Gen? (God forbid - it's a COBOL generator)

The chances of a cost-effective native port decrease as you move further right. HOWEVER, the chances that you can expose a web interface increase as you move right.

Native ports are good for speed & usability, web interfaces are good for cost & maintainability. Project cost efficacy scales quickly with userbase - 11 users can justify spending more than eleven times what one user can justify. (I'm guessing about n^log( n ), but I'm sure its been quantified more precicely. I'm using eleven because 10^log(10)=10)

Originally Posted by JCB
Can anybody help me?

Seriously, though, I'm sure you've told people before, "you can sue anyone for anything". Depends on where you're starting as to whether you want to be helped.

Originally Posted by JCB
Of course I am willing to pay for the services rendered.
That will be 500 Quatloos, if you please. I prefer them frozen in 0.25m^3 block of nitrogen.
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