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Default Please Help w/ PocketMac

I am close to calling it "terrible", so if those of you who use and support it would help me with a few questions, perhaps I too could grow to love this tool. My questions are as follows...

1. It appears that synching is "one way" only. Everything I have on my powerbook overwrites my handheld on every sync. Is there a way to change this? More generally, could someone please tell me what governs conflicts in Address Book and Notes. I can see that when there are conflicts in Calendar it opens a seperate window and prompts me, but in Address Book it appears to be using some form of "latest" change based on time or date and in Notes as I said it just sets the Powerbook as the master and overwrites any changes on the handheld.

2. The advanced options appear to be completely non-functional. Nothing I change seems to have any effect. The notification options, Backup feature and Synchronization with a specified iCal would be great, but this seems like a GUI that is not hooked up to the rest of the program. Any help in getting this to work would be appreciated.

Again, I'm really very frustrated with this product having just lost a lot of changes that I made on my handheld while away over the holiday weekend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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