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Originally Posted by indivijewell
corey, i DID answer the question. whats your point? most of the things you named, no i do not do myself. why do something that i can happily have someone else do for me. maybe i pay for it, maybe i dont. there is waaayyy too much hostility here....BTW it took me an extended tim to reply (again) because I have a life. one that is NOT connected to a PC of any sort...i switched to a blackberry from a sidekick. yes, with a sidekick you still had to allow the OTA updates to complete. however, you not NEED to be at a PC to do so. i thought i was upgrading with the blackberry, but if it takes more work on my part for it to operate correctly, it is more of a setback for me.
Again I have a life also, A fulltime job, a wife and a son. I still find time to do everything in my busy life to set a side a few minutes to do a simple upgrade that is not difficult. Hiding behind the excuse I have a life is like hiding behind the excuse of well the car can do 240mph why cant I drive it like that. Buying a faster car and cant drive it fast due to speed limit is like downgrading then. I based this off how you compare a blackberry to a sidekick. Totally diffrent technology to say the least and a completely diffrent back infrastructure.

I have a life a very busy life but I can still find the time to start a download, hook up blackberry, start upgrade, do other things, and then go check on it from time to time. It is not a hard thing to do IF you KNOW how to manage your time wisely.

I am sure everyone here does not live near or at a PC, I sure dont but I do have access to them most of the time or a way to get on the internet cause it is my choice to have this in my busy life.

The hostility you see is due to really bad thoughtout excuses put forth to do such a simple task. I really dont understand the reasoning behind it cause I see it almost everywhere I go. I see people waste more time making excuses about why they dont have time to do something cause they have a life then to just do it and get it over with. I see people waste more time trying to find a way out of doing something than to just do it and get it over with.

All this wasted energy and time in a person busy life takes away the time you would have to do something if you just actually did it.
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