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I can get a dropped call almost everytime at this particular (starbucks) hotspot. And another (starbucks) hotspot downtown. I can either be on a call on EDGE and it will about 50% of the time "CALL FAIL" when it switched to UMA. I can also place a call while on UMA at these locations and walk to my car, or walk out to work and get the same thing "CALL FAIL". What exactly should I be looking for or talking to t-mo about the "potential handset or account problem" you are referring to? Keep in mind this is my third 8320 and fourth simcard so I would hope it wouldn't be another of those issues but I suppose you never know...
I still do have a open trouble ticket with t-mo engineering, so if there are specific questions I can ask them, I would love to...

EDIT: I just got home from work and when I pulled up to the house while I was on a call it dropped and I got "Call Failed" when it went over to UMA (on my t-mo router).

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Something else to keep in mind is that in order for your call to successfully transfer from UMA to the GSM network the handset has to be able to set that up.

If you suddenly lose wireless signal that set up can't happen or doesn't have a chance to complete and your call is guaranteed to drop 100% of the time.

A good test here would be to stop at the Starbuck's, place a call, and walk down the street a bit until you leave wireless range. If your call drops then you may have a handset issue or there could be a problem with your account.

I've done trouble tickets for dropped UMA/GSM handovers before so it's something to consider if this issue continues to happen.

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