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Post quick review: Skin Tight 7100t case

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Well, I waited and waited and waited for this to come out. I understand that there were delays, that's fine. I ordered my case (blue) on the 5th and had it 3 day air shipped since I am about to go on vacation. Speck was very quick in shipping (I ordered late afternoon Eastern time and they shipped the same day). I got the case today (A day early, for a change from UPS).

While waiting for the case to become available, I got myself a Speck case for my new 60GB ipod, in order to save it from the beatings I gave my old 10GB ipod. The ipod case is BEEFY. It's great, very little of the ipod is left open to damage. While bulky, it's very well made and I'm happy with it.

Back on topic. The 7100t case is decently well made. Thinner by far than the ipod case, but then again, it's for a device that requires much more hands on interaction. The blackberry goes into the case much easier than trying to wrangle the ipod into it's new home.

The grip is very nice, it makes the bb very easy to hold the screen protector is clear (for now) and it is hard to tell that it's a nice thick piece of plastic protecting your screen from certain damage. The back is very well protected. Fit is another story. Yes, it fits well at the top. The back speaker cutout is RIGHT ON, and of all buttons to protect, they left the power button covered (still easy to press when you really want to).The sides are very open (they could have left a lot less of an opening on either side for scroll/back and USB/headset). The scroll side leaves a large portion of the corner open and vunerable to drops. I'd say there's about 1/4" extra border around on each side that could be much better protected. As I said, the screen protector is nice. The Call/*T*/End buttons are protected well, but that protection makes it much harder to hit 1,2,3 without accedentally hitting call or end. The bottom of the case leaves the microphone area nice and clear, but again, they left a lot of extra room below the buttons for damage that could have very easily been fixed with a tiny bit of extra rubber, . Going back to the screen protector, the right side fits in 100% but the lower left corner seems to have some fitment issues.

The holster is pretty nice, clip swivels 360* and it seems to hold the blackberry firmly in place. It is easy to holster, etc. The largest problem I see with the holster is this: in order to utilize the wonderful "auto lock" feature of the magnet, you have to place the blackberry in back first, leaving the entire keyboard (and extra unprotected area) exposed to every day beatings. It's too bad that the well protected back is the safe side inside the holster.

I'll try to get pictures tomorrow if I can.


- For where it covers, it offers great protection
- Holster is nice and easy to use
- great grip
- nice strong 360* swivel
- great alternative to leather and the other options
- speaker sound not muffled)
- better than nothing

- Fitment around screen
- lack of protection at bottom of keyboard and side ports/buttons
- 1,2,3 buttons hard to hit
- auto off only if you put blackberry in back first, leaving keyboard exposed
- price

my rating: 6.5/10
If you are looking for the all out protection you get with one of the Speck ipod cases, keep looking. As far as a case, it will do. I'm not thrilled with it, but it's still one of the best options for the 7100 series blackberry.

Worth $34.95 + $9 shipping, no. I'd say this case would be much better priced at ~$20 as it is now. If they fixed some of the problems with it, it might be worth the price.

Sorry if this first review of the case is scathing, but these were just things I've noticed.