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Originally Posted by cwilli01
I have seen a significant reduction in battery life since the BES 4.0 upgrade. It seems like I have to recharge it every 24 hours. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
Me too. I went from 6-7 days on a charge to 48 hours max. I thought it was just me, but my boss confirms he has noticed the same as well since our company upgraded the BES. I have a 7230 (tmo) and he has a 7280 (att).

Originally Posted by stonent
With BES 4 and OS 4, the phone can do wireless syncs. That will take a lot of juice.
I have always done wireless syncs, even before the BES was upgraded, so I don't think that's the issue itself. (And I've had OS 4.0 for a long time now.) Or, by "wireless syncs", do you mean something else besides downloading email, calendars, notes, etc using the GPRS connection?

My speakers at home pick up some interference from the GPRS radio, and I've noticed it is a lot more frequent lately. Could BES 4.0 be sending/receiving more data or communicating much more frequently? Is there anything that I can have our admins configure on the BES to change this?