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The worst part is that I got my Telus MIKE blackberry back in March and got the 6 months unlimited local calling deal. So, on the advice of my telus rep, I got the unlimited blackberry data plan and the cheapest possible phone plan, saving myself some money per month. Once the 6 months were up, I was just going to switch to the $85 blackberry/phone combo plan. Now I can't do that, since that plan is $100.

I'm waiting to find out if my current blackberry plan is capped or not. When I signed up it didn't mention a cap anywhere at all from what I saw, so I don't know if this is a new cap or simply more prominantely stated, or if it's retroactive applied or not. If it's not retoractive and my plan really is unlimited, i'll have to pay $105 (blackberry data plan + phone plan equivalent of what I was going to get) instead of $85.

Damn you telus!

And I agree....definately an awesome post by finch!