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Originally Posted by eZainny View Post
Hi Jim,

Apologies about the delay in replying...I haven't been checking this thread as often as I probably should

To answer your questions

1) Scrolling behavior is always going to be a little bit different with our email program. This is primarily due to the fact that the content being displayed now isn't just "raw text" that the native viewer displays - it's HTML, and HTML layouts aren't simple. My best advice here would just be to try out our application and see if the scrolling situation is to your liking.

2) Yes, all your standard shortcuts should be there. We haven't had anybody tell us otherwise yet, so if you find one missing please let us know!

3) No, we don't add advertising signatures to your outgoing emails like some other programs do. We respect that people don't want to turn their email into an advertising billboard for somebody else.

If you want, you can download a free trial of our software to play around with it. Just head to our website BBSmart - Software for your PDA and follow the "Try for Free" button.

I'm a recent purchaser of this program, and like it very much. One question...when viewing a normal email, the shortcut keys work. When viewing a meeting invite, they don't work. Is this a defect, or is there some reason why the shortcut keys can't work when viewing a meeting invite?


P.S. Scrolling is very smooth on my Pearl, though it will pause briefly to get more content in longer emails. Overall performance is good...emails are formatted and ready for view quickly.