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Default Review: Seidio BlackBerry 83xx Curve Products

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I have had an opportunity to test/review several products from Seidio on other smartphones, including the BlackBerry 8800, but I have had a chance recently to be able to test at length several products from this Houston, TX based company on my new BlackBerry 8310 Curve. I would like to take the time here to give my opinions and personal experiences on them.

*Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery & Battery Door
*Seidio Rubberized Slim Hard Case
*Seidio Hybrid Slim Hard Case
*Seidio Belt-Clip Holster For The "Skinned" Device

First, lets take a look at the (1) Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery & Door

Although I would never consider myself a "power user" of my BlackBerry...the idea of having ample battery life for weekend trips and other situations that would keep me away from my usual routine of a nightly charge was a great one to me. After having mixed results from the extended batteries from other companies in the past in various other smartphones, I was a bit cautious and skeptical of this large-capacity battery from Seidio. I am happy to report that my concerns were unfounded, and the product works great! The fit and finish of the battery itself is perfect, as the case with the battery door that fits over the battery itself. To my suprise, the battery/door combo only adds a few millimeters to the thickness of the Curve, and the small "hump" and rubberized coating on the battery cover actually provides better grip and fits most hands more comfortably...making the phone easier to hold. After a full charge (8-hours, or overnight)...I can honestly report a full 72-hours of moderate to heavy use before the low battery alert came on. Amazing!! This is an awesome product for the real "power user" or someone who finds himself/herself on their BlackBerry almost constantly, and needs the confidence of an almost always-available power source.

(2) Seidio Rubberized Slim Hard Case & Hybrid Slim Hard CaseSUPER SLIM RUBBERIZED HARD CASE-BLACKBERRY CURVE - CSR2YBB8300-BK

First, let me say that I have never been a fan of any kind of case on my mobile devices. I have always preferred to carry the device "naked", and in a leather belt-clip pouch. However, having used these two cases for the last week or so, I cannot imagine being without a case of this type on my Curve again. I actually reviewed the Rubberized Hard Case previously here and on several other online forums, and had commented on the poor fit & finish of the case...that it did not clip together tghtly, and left "sharp" edges where the top & bottom pieces came together. I am happy to say that Seidio listened to my comments, and those of other forum members and redesigned both of these cases to fit perfectly, with no protruding edges or seams to speak of. The Rubberized Hard Case is made up entirely of a plastic material with a rubberized coating, and totally covers the phone except for the screen, trackball & keypad. Of course, it also has perfectly placed openings for buttons, speaker and microphone. The Hybrid Hard Case shares the rubberized coating on the back piece of the case, while the top peice is made of a crystal clear plastic that shows off the sexy color of your Curve. Personally, I went to great lengths to get my new Red 8310 so I use the Hybrid case exclusively just to show it off! Both cases are excellent, and provide extra "grip" and protection for your BlackBerry.

(3) Seidio Belt-Clip Holster For The "Skinned" Device

Although the BlackBerry 83xx Curve with either one of the above mentioned cases can be carried in a pant or shirt pocket...Seidio has produced a great holster designed specifically for the "skinned" or cased Curve, that is amazingly effective and versatile. I have used it almost every day for the last week, and can attest to it being sturdy, strong and secure enough to be used on a daily basis without fear of your device shooting out and flying across the room...on onto the ground on concrete, as some other holsters have allowed phones to do in the past. Seidio has designed a clip/spring that is able to hold the device safely and securely, but still provide quick and easy access. It is also very subtle and business-like, but looks just as good with a pair of jeans as it does with dress slacks. The only complaint I have with this product, is that the belt-clip does not grip the belt tightly enough, allowing for too much movement on the belt. I tends to let the holster/phone slide back and forth much more than I would like. I am in hopes that Seidio will incorporate a more secure clip in the future. But, overall it is still a very satisfactory product.

(4) Seidio Ultimate Guard Screen Protector

With any high-end smartphone like the BlackBerry, especially those with "candybar" forms instead of a flip-type clamshell design...there is always the very real threat of damage to the screen in the form or scratches and nicks from being carried in pockets or just general wear and tear. I am happy that Siedio has introduced a very high-quality product for the 83xx Curve. It is perfectly cut to fit the entire screen of the Curve, and made of a crystal clear. And, here is the best part...the Ultimate Guard is held in place by static cling instead of glue or adhesive or some kind, so it can be removed and easily re-applied if necessary. It also does not leave any sticky residue when removed. If you are a total fumblefingers when it comes to applying screen protectors like me...this is a huge benefit. My Ultimate Guard went on easily and perfectly, and has done the job so far...protecting the screen from damage. Overall, this is a great product and well worth the price.

Seidio continues to be on the cutting-edge of smartphone-exclusive products, being quick to release items for the myriad of devices that pop up almost daily. I have also found them to have great customer service, and a strong presence on several online forums. They seem to truly care about their customers...and are quick to make changes, or do what it takes to satisfy users of their products.

I would recommend Seidio products to anyone looking for quality products for their BlackBerry or any other smartphone device.