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Cool Are You serious? Make the move!

Well this is a subject that has opened a lot of thoughts, well first of all I was/am a Treo lover but the crashing & resetting with both the Treo700wx and the Treo700p, my wife had the 700p, just got ridiculous, and that is after the so-called MR updates to both devices. I waited and waited for the device to work as promise but to no avail. I own a landscaping company and I need my phone/pda to work at ALL times and I shouldnít have to make/hack the Treo to help it to be usable. One day here in sunny 102 degree weather in Jacksonville Florida, after taking care of a property an important client called and my phone locked up as we were talking, I had to reset the Treo again, I only use the phone twice for maybe 20 minutes combine and looked at my calendar for the day and it crashed! I have about 20 to 30 clients per day in my calendar and about 600 contacts, Verizon says and here is their fix, do a hard reset, take out what I donít need because the device canít handle it. So logic kicked in my little brain, and I said to myself, ďself, what device has been a standard for most professionals for years, BlackBerry! Therefore, I did my research briefly and I went to Verizon and told them my issues and they agreed that Iím making an excellent choice, they gave the phone free of charge, granted I first purchased the original Treo700w January 5, 2006, the first day it hit the stores, Iíve had 3 replacement phones and one upgrade to the Treo700wx March 2007 at NO COST, so getting the BlackBerry 8830 fair to me, and yes I know the Treo cost more, Why? Iíll never know but the 8830 has NEVER let me down or crashed or had to do a reset in two months which is almost unbelievable. It was common to do a reset every morning so I could have a decent day with the Treo. I feel cheated and foolish that I kept believing they were going to fix all the ailments with the Treo. When they do they will maybe, probably catch up to the BlackBerry. The latest upgrades were a joke. Now since I got that off my chest the comparisons. Are you serious, there is No comparison.

Emails: which includes Hotmail, AOL, yahoo, Gmail and Bellsouth/AT&T works seamlessly, with no work arounds, they just work.

Phone: Sound quality excellent, lets not even mention speaker phone quality.
Workmanship: The screen is better brighter, no hint of yellow. The screen automatically adjust to the brightness of it environment, it turns down the brightness in low light which is great for looking at it early morning because I do use it as an alarm clock, Treo alarm issues still unresolved. Its thinner, lighter and I thought I would have a difficult time adjusting from touch screen to the BALL, no problems, its working. The USB charger is also great, no need to have several preparatory connections it works with my stereo Bluetooth charger (Motorola).

Battery: Comes with a high output battery that last all day, I bought the Seidio 3200mAh Ultra Extended Battery for Treo 700p, 700w|wx for $54.95. I have a battery that is just as good that I didnít have to buy!

Software: Software is slim pickings for the 8830 but they are good software, no junk software. I have bought a few so far and it was worth it. Pocket Express, Opera Mini 4 (free), etc. the developers put out a more polished software for BB (BlackBerry). The GPS is awesome, what a treat with VZ Navigator, no need for Google Maps or Live but they all work with the GPS built it, . Great for a landscaper, addresses and directions are must for me.

Operating System: Quicker, No slow downs, No crashes, No mysterious RESETS, Loads programs faster, the media sync is smoother, No Active Sync!, I do miss wireless sync but I donít crash to lose my contacts or appointments so itís not really missed.
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