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Originally Posted by EBlanco View Post
I had a Pearl for a little over a year, and I loved it. I loved all its features and programs. I understood why they call them "Crackberries."
Two weeks ago it had broken, so I went on a search for a new phone, because I am one of those people who cant have the same phone twice, lol.
I found the new Sidekick LX aesthetically pleasing, and they had it in my favorite color, so my husband coaxed me into it as a birthday gift.
I had heard about the Curve, and thought about getting it, but the Sidekick LX had all the flashy lights so I couldn't resist.
After about a day or so, I was really starting to miss my Blackberry Pearl. A week passes, and I went on the T-mobile site, to "browse" around the phones. The sidekick is designed for kids, I noticed. The only thing you can do on that phone is go on myspace and buy ringtones. It's a cute phone, but I wasn't loving it.
So, yesterday morning, I stopped at the T-mobile store and traded the LX for the Curve. It was the last day I could trade it in, and I am so happy I went into that store! I would have been stuck with a 375 dollar sidekick that I didnt like!
I loved the Curve from the moment they handed it to me, and I am so happy now. It's been over 24 hours and I cant stop playing with the thing! It's so nice to have the familiarity of the Blackberry programs and the feel of it reminds me of the Pearl but better

YAY to the

Good move! and Great choice!! I've had a blackberry curve on AT&T since it was first released and I've loved it! Mind you it was my first blackberry and I kept bouncing from smartphone to smartphone. I had a Nokia E62, the went to a Palm Tre0 750, and finally stuck with the curve.

My only problem now is that I am eligible for an upgrade, and I can get a new 8310 absolutely free through AT&T premier with that upgrade, but I also would like to wait around for early 08 and see if something more worthwhile is released by RIM where I can make good use of my upgrade.

I noticed you're listed as residing in Miami...what part of Miami? Congrats again!
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