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So... Is this then also an indication that they are not planning to support their XT product on the Blackberry, as they do on other phones? They have two products for phones it would appear. Their Garmin Mobile for Smartphones, and their Garmin Mobile for Blackberry. So it sounds as though they have no plans to include the Blackberry in their category of Smartphones, which does come with a microSD card loaded with maps, etc. And it's all the same price too... grrrrrrr.
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Even worse, they don't consider the Blackberry a Smartphone. In the other group are the Treo, Blackjack, and others. I guess two questions goout to them, in my mind. Why isn't the Blackberry considered a Smartphone, and with the facilities and capabilities of a phone like the 8320, do they have plans to add it to that list and support the other way..
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I think I'll ask... If I hear anything, I'll post it.

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