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Default BB 8800 Trouble

So my boss gave me her old BB 8800 since she down-graded to verizon, and she tried wiping something out and now here is what the phone does.

Without warning the phone will turn off then turn back on. I am able to get to the desktop on my BB for about 4 minutes. I tried Options > Security > General > Wipe on the phone and it begins the process and not until the very end will it turn off, and start back up. It restarts at the same point every time.

Here is another example and possible problem. I ran the Desktop Manager and tried running the Application Loader to see if maybe I needed an update. I connected my BB 8800 to my computer, direct connect, not hub, and took the battery out. All that shows on the screen is a faded-white background with a battery half-charged, crossed-out with a red line. So with my BB connected, It recognized my pin and I ran the App Loader on the DM and this is what happens as soon as I hit next to check for updates. The red light comes on and the phone turns off while still plugged into the computer via usb. After I exit the App Loader, the phone connects back and the faded-white, red crossed out battery screen again. The same thing happens every time I run the App Loader.

So after that, I tried Wiping the OS myself and reinstalling it. I Dl'd the OS and the JM_Cmder on to my computer and ran JM_Cmder with the battery in, and out and this is what I get.

Currently Just Did This ----------

When I run JM_Cmder with the battery in and run the "wipe" function. As soon as I typed in blackberry and hit enter, the screen shut down and restarted with a little window box in the middle of the screen encased in a circle crossed out with a thin line and the number 507 shows under the circle. Inside the window is three shapes; a Circle, Square, and a Triangle. This is now all I see when I turn on the blackberry.

If anyone has any information, please share !

Note * I can no longer get to the BB 8800 Desktop.
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