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Default Messenger: The Plot Thickens

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Ok, so I'm probably the only person on this forum who cares about this problem - as nobody else seems to have bumped into it. Still having the issue that I can use BB Messenger with externals, but having trouble communicating with other people inside my company.

For clarity sake - this is not an e-mail problem. It's only with the Blackberry Messenger IM app as well as *RECEIVING* PIN messages. I can send and receive PIN messages to outsiders, and I can SEND PIN messages to others in my company, but can't RECEIVE them, and therefore have trouble using the Messenger app with those same insiders.

Well, the latest twist is that my boss, of all people, decided to install the IM app, and HE can communicate with me. Unfortunately, his communications are all requests to do more work!! The people I want to IM with will help me solve problems and reduce my workload. Things are definitely going in the wrong direction!

My company has a pretty large BB community, and it occurs to me that we might have more than one BES running. Unfortunately, my IT group won't devote much time to troubleshooting this with me, so I have to figure out what the problem is on my own, and then ask them to do specific things (and wait for them to get to these 'low priority' requests).

On that note - does anyone have any experience with the BES setting - 'Disable Forwarding Between Services?' Could an incorrect setting here give me decryption errors when I try to receive a PIN from someone whose BB account resides on a different BES server than mine, with perhaps a different 3DES key? Thanks.

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