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sooo far It's only been for the t-mobile 7100t. but I'm pretty sure that there isn't that big of a differene between other providers. I been working to too type of program to unlock the blackberry. one of the programs is base of brute force but In java format so that it will run on your blackberry. I been able to load the the ROM system Config. files off the blackberry and have been able to remove the unlocking try amounts but haven't been able to decode all of how the genarator works. but with the brute force it just keeps on throwing in 16 random digit until the blackberry is unlock... it coudl take days to unlock. I wrote the program but it is still in the trail period with some of my friends blackberry. the only known bug for this program that I'm trying to figure out is that after so many entery of the 16 ramdom numbers it freezes up and autoreboots and delects the program. I haven't been able to succefully unlock and blackberry yet with this method... the other method is the IMEI generator I have been working on with the ROM system data I have been able to extract. I been able to decode parts and have been able to generated 9 of the 16 number with no flaws so far. but there is a option you can turn on if you can load the System Rom config... Rim Handheld byPass. I don't know what it does yet but I"m pretty sure it's a back door to something very important. but so far I would say the brute force Java is about 95 percent done and the Blackberry genarator is about 80 percent done. In a couple of weeks or so I should have it done with the beta out. and then we can all stop getting rip off by those company who charge us outstanding prices to unlock a phone. thanks for the time