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Thanks for the input. According to some reports and readings on other forums, it has worked. I was always stuck on the fact that this phone is not advertised as BlackBerry Connect but as BlackBerry Built-In - is there a difference?

The browser and functionlity is there, however withouth the books - nada. What leads me to believe that the browsing is made to work is the following: if it [BB Built-In] was meant for email only: why would have they included the browser? For me BB Built-In has the same functionality as a full feldged BB device, I think.

The problem is not whether the SK65 can do it - the problem lays that unless you had a previous BlackBerry and changed to the SK65 - in which case the books would be automatically pushed down to you - you can't get the books unless someone backs them up and sends them to you. All because of the darned IPPP filter set up... grrr.... proof of it is that even with their BlackBerry Web Admin tool they can't push the books down since it shows up on their side as "pending" but never makes it here...

And as you said because TMo doesnt sell it (= not supported), theyre not likely to help you.

But the backing up of BWC Internet service books and restoring works - just waiting patiently for a kind soul willing to try it. If I'm mistaken on any of the statements I made, please feel free to educate me...I welcome all input.


Originally Posted by jibi
Okay, to my knowledge, BlackBerry Connect is only used for Email redirection not browsing services. I could be wrong about that. If you want browsing services, then you will have to use whatever comes with the SK65. And since TMO doesn't offer the SK65 as a supported model, I would think you are pretty much SOL (unless a normal data plan would push this down).