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Originally Posted by beninark View Post
mmm...I thought rim was trying to jump into the consumer market...but the stuff they are releasing now really isnt a huge improvement over what they had. I really like the 8100 but I dont just seems like they are content with the status quo instead of actually surging forward. I dont know...i could be out of the ball park but it seems like they are on a sinking ship...i just hope they jump on another boat soon.
Man -- I remember 3 years ago that the latest and greatest was something like the 7280. They have leaped forward quite a huge amount in consumer friendliness. Clearly, they are 'less behind' now than they used to be in 2004.

Though I suspect the Pearl is due for a makeover. I'd bet they have a redesigned candybar keypad device in 2008, as well as a touchscreen device in 2008.

The Curve 8310 has quite a lot going for it, so maybe take a look at it if you are tired of the Pearl. (The AT&T red colored Curve 8310 is really nice.)
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