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Originally Posted by SheepDog View Post
seems like apuff peice to me. did you get paid to do this report?

The clips on the holsters are missing an essential rubber peice that keeps the claw from scratching the case. notice that?

The screen protector is not in my view a perfect item and doesnt install without bubbles nor can you take it off to retry easily like others. It uses sticky stuff to stick to the screen unlike others that just stick without it.

every opinion matters but honest brokers are not adverse to both sides I hope?
I can promise you that I am not paid by Seidio for these reviews. So, your assumption that this is a "puff piece" is unfounded, but par for the course considering some other comments that you have made in some other posts.

The clips on the holsters are not missing any "essential rubber piece". The clip is designed to be raised before the device is clipped into place. That way...there is no chance of damage. But...being the lazy individual that I am, I have habitually just pressed the phone into the case without the requisite "lifting" of the clip...and have seen no damage to the case or phone. YMMV.

The Ultimate Guard is not perfect...nor is any other product. It can be installed without bubbles or dust particles if you take care in installation, cleaning the screen first and installing in a dust-free a bathroom with the shower hot water turned on full, so that the dust in the room settles. This method is recommended for any screen protector installation...not just the Seidio one. And...the Seidio product does not use any clearly your opinion is not based on fact (again, not a suprise) uses static cling as the "adhesive" so it can be removed and reused as many times as is necessary to please the user. And...because of the non-adhesive does not leave any adhesive residue. Please take the time to actually use a product, SheepDog...before you offer criticism regarding it.

Every opinion matters...but not one from someone that is merely a critcal bystander...and not a genuine user of the product.


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