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But make sure you know what your plan allows:

Man Gets an $85,000 Cell Phone Bill for Modem Use : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech

Portion of the article:

"Piotr Staniaszek had been using his cell phone as a modem for his computer, thinking he was covered under his $10-a-month unlimited mobile browser plan from Canadian telco Bell Mobility. He actually caught the bill at $65,000. When he called to complain, he was told that it had hit $85,000 for the use since the bill was mailed.

The likely problem is that Staniaszek got understandably confused about what his recently signed $10 data plan covered. Such plans often cover data use on the phone itself (such as texting or using the built-in browser on the phone), but not when it's used as a modem with a PC. (Without going into extreme detail, the connection types are different, and the phone company can tell the difference between the two types of traffic.) Bell Mobility has dropped the bill to just $3,243, but Staniaszek is still fighting it. (Of course.)
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